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Student Ambassadors Program

The Bookstore will select 6-10 Student Ambassadors per semester

How will Campus Bookstore Student Ambassadors be selected?

Student Ambassadors will be selected through an application process. Applications must be submitted by the deadline stated. Top candidates will be selected for interviews. 6 - 10 Student Ambassadors will be chosen to assist the bookstore team for one semester.

Can Campus Bookstore Student Ambassadors assist the bookstore additional semesters?

Students who wish to work consecutive semesters may be selected to do so dependent upon successful involvement indicated through monthly and final evaluations from previous semester.

What are Student Ambassador responsibilities?

  • Social Media posts on bookstore accounts and personal accounts every two weeks. Promotion of events such as DeLoach Team Store sales at volleyball matches and basketball games, one day Graduation Fairs in October and February, Fall Fashion Show
  • Provide a written product review once per semester.
  • Sit in with Bookstore Director on apparel meetings with clothing vendors and provide input on apparel orders. Apparel meetings typically take place in November, February & March.
  • Conduct a student survey about the bookstore once per semester and help analyze data.
  • Contribute to the overall success of the bookstore by assisting with creative marketing ideas (YouTube videos, QR Codes, loyalty cards, special events)
  • Assist with Orientation and Open House Bookstore Events
  • Report to Bookstore Director once per week for assignments and evaluations.
  • Attend monthly one hour meeting..

What benefits do Campus Bookstore Student Ambassadors receive per semester?

  • One Free Coker College T Shirt and Hoodie/Crew
  • 10% discount on personal purchases from the Coker Bookstore (excludes textbooks and does not apply to purchases for friends and/or family)
  • $5.00 gift card to one local Hartsville restaurant per month (total of 4)
  • If a semester assisting the bookstore is successfully completed with a grade of 90 or higher, you are eligible to receive a 10% discount on textbook purchases for classes you are enrolled in the following semester
  • Gain real world experience in business/marketing skills to build your resume.
  • Grow your leadership presence on campus.
  • Learn social media strategy to build your portfolio.
  • Enhance your networking skills through campus activities and interactions.

Extra activities to earn campus bookstore gift certificates:

  • Promote bookstore at Commissioner Meetings
  • Submit and implement creative marketing ideas
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm and entrepreneurship above and beyond the required duties